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Curly Hair Cuts

Why is it so important to have a great haircut to wear your curly hair?

As anyone with curly hair will tell you, curls can have a mind of their own. But, with a strong shape in your cut your everyday styling at home can be easy… almost effortless!

With curly hair it is even more important to see someone who knows what they are doing. An experienced stylist will help to ensure you receive the best and most flattering cut for your hair and face shape. With a good understanding of different curl patterns, and densities they will guide you to a great, long-lasting cut.

The Difference between Straight and Curly Cuts

A great curly cut will always start with a thorough consultation, especially when it’s our first time meeting your hair – we need to spend some time getting to know you and your hair; getting to know your needs and wants, your current care and styling regime, how much time you have, what products you use, wether or not you use a diffuser…

A curly cut will then typically continue with a dry cut, sometimes curl by curl. Cutting in the shape on dry hair ensures we have the correct shape with the weight sitting at the correct and flattering length.

Curly Hair at RU&CO
Curly Hair at RU&CO

Product Selection and Application

After a clarifying shampoo, to detox your hair and scalp, we will apply a hydrating shampoo, and hot towel treatment as a protein and moisture boost. Back in the chair, expect a “wet check” to make sure we are both happy with the length and shape of the cut.

Then it is time to talk products. We have a wonderful array of curl-friendly products: creams, gels and mousse (our favourites are linked below), and our curly service includes advice on how and where to apply products, and to offer some pro-tips on different styling methods so that you can style the cut at home successfully.

Once we have layered in our different products we start diffusing or hood drying to take out moisture and see overall shape. Possibly snip a few more curls and have you on your way.

Maintaining Your Curly Cut

With a good haircut, good styling products and a few pointers you will be well on your way to having great curly hair days!

Cuts should be maintained and trimmed regularly after your initial curly cut, with a follow-up dry maintenance cut every 3 to 5 weeks. After around 5 months of maintenance, the shape has started to grow and shift and will require a full restyle.

Don’t be afraid to pair your cut with glosses and toners; babylights, highlights, and balayage – colour can soften and add shine and dimension to your curls.

Our Top Curly Products

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