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RU&CO Salons are Sustainable Salons

RU&CO Salons are Sustainable Salons
Nov, 2021

We are Working with Sustainable Salons

Working with Sustainable Salons means that 95% of the resources used during our services will be rescued from landfill and repurposed. Our foils go to feed hungry people through KiwiHarvest, our chemicals are neutralised and turned into recycled water that’s used in roadworks, and hair clippings are turned into oil booms that help clean up oil spills along our coastline.​

Sustainable Salons is a unique social enterprise that helps us and our clients reduce our impact on the planet while investing in local communities. A small $3 fee is paid by our caring clients every time they visit to help us repurpose or recycle our salon waste. Together we stop tonnes of waste from ending up in landfill.

If you would prefer not to participate, just ask us to remove the “Green Fee” and we will pay it for you.