Gender Neutral Pricing

Gender Neutral Pricing

For a while now we have been talking about basing our services and our pricing on something other than gender, and now we are ready to make the move to being fully gender neutral.

Why the change?

Mainly because it’s just not fair to charge someone a different price based on the gender they identify as, but also because we want our pricing to better reflect the value of the service you choose, the experience we offer and the skill of your stylist.

We think it’s a fairer, and more inclusive way of operating – and it reflects hair trends. We see women with short crops and men with long hair; and some shorter cuts require more skill and time than longer haircuts.

What will change?

Regular clients won’t notice any change in the experience or level of service we provide, but from today our service names will not refer to gender.

“Ladies” cuts and “Mens” cuts will be discontinued, instead we will be offering services and pricing based on the length and texture of your hair, along with the desired outcome, time needed and skill level of your stylist.

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