That Cost of Living

That Cost of Living

Thank you!

We wanted to express our gratitude for your support while money is tight. We know that we offer a "luxury" service so we really do appreciate that you choose to spend your money with us. As an entirely locally owned family business, your patronage helps every one of our staff pay their rent, put food on the table and gas in the car.

We are doing everything we can to keep costs as low as possible so that your visit to the salon doesn't break the bank. We continue to pay for your parking at Ruby Black; we choose not to pass on fees the bank charges us to take debit and credit card payments; and we continue not to pass on the fees that the "Buy Now, Pay Later" providers charge.

We have cut back on a couple of the "frills" the cost of which continue to rise, and we are hoping that you haven't even noticed!

Despite our best efforts, we do need to implement a modest increase to the price of our services to keep the doors open.  Our menu of services is here, and we hope that there is a service to fit every budget.

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