Hair styling is an art, and we love to surround ourselves with creativity.

RU&CO is a family of independent Christchurch hair stylists. Working for ourselves frees our creativity, and collaborating with like minded stylists brings out the very best in all of us.

Our stylists are chosen with love and supported to refine their eye and perfect our personalized approach to hair styling.

Our focus is always on our clients and delivering results that turn heads along with excellent client service, in a welcoming and comfortable shared space.

Whether you are looking to create a whole new look for your hair or if you are in need of a general tidy-up, we invite you to come and enjoy your trip to the hair salon the way it should be: a great way to pamper yourself and to help you look and feel your best, with your hair as your crowning glory!

Salon Stylists


Salon Director

Marque Morehu


Senior Stylist
03-355 8560


Senior Stylist
03-355 8560


Senior Stylist
03-355 8560

Independent Stylists


Independent Stylist
021 288 1900


Independent Stylist
021 240 8309


Independent Stylist
027 468 0508


Independent Stylist
021 438 694


Independent Stylist
022 194 5028


Independent Stylist
021 283 4529

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