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Clean Balance Anti-Pollution Water


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An ultralight liquid formula from Bonacure Clean Balance, specially formulated with free-radical-fighting Tocopherol to create a thin layer on the hair’s surface to protect it against pollution build-up and heat.

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Clean Balance Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Free from SLS/SLES sulphates, silicones and artificial colourants, this deep-cleansing shampoo from Bonacure Clean Balance is specially formulated for all hair types. Product build-up, residues and pollutants are removed, leaving hair feeling fresh and healthy.

Product Description

Bonacure Clean Balance Deep Anti-Pollution Water is for clients whose hair is regularly exposed to external pollutants. They are looking for a leave-in haircare product to remove impurities, and protects hair against pollution and product build-up.

Why We Love It
Ultralight formula to combat the effect of metropolitan damage
Condition and moisturise hair whilst protecting from external pollutants
With added heat protection, use before blow-drying or after styling
Up to 24 hours of fresh hair feeling
Vegan formula